About Us

The Rolling Green Room Comedy Road Show and Rolling Green Room travel show consists of top notch stand up comedy talent from LA and NYC. Every live Rolling Green Room Comedy Road Show is also a live taping shot with professional level cinemetography and venues include comedy clubs, colleges, bars, breweries, wineries, cannabis dispensaries and many more. 


The Rig

The rig is a 1994 Gulfstream Sun Voyager with a mysterious past hinted at by the “Department of Defense SVH-983” sticker that came emblazoned on its front bumper. It’s body count and South American drug-running history is unknown but what we do know is that it’s 33 ft long, powered by a 5.9L Cummins Turbo Diesel motor and has a top speed of up to 61 mph going downhill when fully loaded. It comes equipped with a working kitchen, a shower-less bathroom, and a primitive black & white backup camera that allows the driver to see what was behind them in 1989. 

The Crew

James Myers

The Co-Founder and Headlining New York City based Comedian was featured on Sirius XM, Fox News, and is the winner of the Hoboken Comedy Festival. 

The powerful and unique takes from the comedic mind of James Myers as earned him the front page of Reddit, Sirius XM, Fox News, and Film Festivals. This New York City comedy gem has toured every single state in the previous eight months alone.   

Cody Woods

The Co-Founder and Headlining Los Angeles based Comedian was seen on Comedy Central, Hulu and USO Tours and has been doing comedy for 14 years.

Woods has developed a reputation in comedy circles around the country for succeeding in any type of room in front of any type of crowd with an unwavering boldness and killer timing.